About Us
We, Sum Puk Limited (addressed as above), has been established in the year 1989. We are
an Importer, Exporter and a Trading Company dealing directly with our contacted factory,
manufacturer of finest genuine Stingray leather, Crocodile Leather, Ostrich Leather &
Sea-Snake Leather products. We are a registered export member with Department of
Export Promotion (DEP), Ministry of Commerce. We have worked with customers in many
countries and have earned the reputation of goodwill and trust among all.
Our products are created under our own brand “Geneve” (or “GN”), a registered trademark
with the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce.
Production Factory
Our factory was established in 1999 and located in an Industrial Area in Samut Prakarn Province.
In this factory, all the processes are being controlled to achieve premium quality Stingray Leather
production. Committed to bring the work of excellence to our customers, we pay attention in every
detail starting from leather selection, washing, dying, polishing, painting & coloring, cutting and
stitching to get finished goods ready to be delivered to the customers. All our products are of
superior quality and beautiful designs as the result of very neat craftsmanship.

We produce and export premium quality Stingray leather products as following:
a) Fashion Accessories for women: such as handbags, shoulder bags, purses, wallets and belts.
b) Fashion Accessories for men: such as wallets, side bag for men (Multi Purpose Bag) and belts.
c) Small Leather Goods: such as small keychain wallet, name card holder and small coin purse.
Product Quality Control
We do not compromise on quality and we have been enjoying good reputations & trust from
our customers as we believe in long-term business relationship, not just a 1-2 orders’ business.

We select the experienced and skilled labor from local people for our production. Furthermore,
we also provide the training for new and inexperienced employees. Our customers can be
assured that our products are 100 percent quality controlled to create premium
Stingray products.
Up-Grading of Trend
We are keeping the pace with the ever-growing developments in this fashion market. We
understand that it is necessary not only to maintain the quality of the products but also to
develop new trends in the look of our finished products. Therefore, we do not only select
the best quality of raw materials to create premium products but we also consistently
develop and create new techniques of polishing, painting and coloring to get new
designs to serve our customers.

We have added new technique in coloring used on our products such as Metallic Color and
Crystal Color. We also develop half-polished (50%) and also flat-polished (80%) of Stingray
Leather to get a soft-touch quality. Apart from this, we have been developing customers’
own design and patterns to achieve the best satisfaction.
We work in partnership with our customers to achieve mutual growth - 100% Customer
Satisfaction Guaranteed.

For over 10 years, we have been serving our customers based in Italy, Switzerland and USA.
We have been working with international customers and have earned a reputation of goodwill
and trust among all. We are also planning to expand our export market to other Asian countries
in the near future.

In Thailand, we have been supplying to King Power Duty Free on the Exclusive basis. We have
been keeping them happy and satisfy with our Production & Quality from starting until present.
Privacy Statement
We will never sell, rent, or otherwise give access to our customers’ personal information to
any other company or individual.

We would like to say "Thank You" to our present customers, and "Welcome" to the new. Our
business depends on satisfied customers, so we strive to provide excellent quality products,
service and support. If we can ever do anything to better serve you, just let us know