asked questions
  1. Question:
    Are GN products (Special Dyed Process Stingray Products) made from genuine stingray
    leather? Why are their appearances different from other stingray products??

    GN products are made from High Quality Genuine Stingray Leather but instead of
    painting colors to the leather like other stingray products, we use the new production
    technics. We “DYED” (not paint) the leather with colors and “POLISH” the leather to
    make it flat and smooth.

  2. Question:
    Why does each of GN stingray products with the same color when put to compare
    together, their colors are slightly different from one another (some have lighter and
    some have darker shade of color)??

    The nature of stingray leather is Special and Different from another such as;
    • each piece of stingray leather has different capability in absorbing the color into its
    leather during the dyed process
    • different sizes of stingray can absorb different amount of color
    Therefore the dyed color on finished GN stingray products are slightly different from
    one another. Other stingray products that use painting process can the give same
    color all the time.

  3. Question:
    Why do on GN products always have “small holes” like being nailed through the leather?

    Those holes on the leather are “breath-holes” of Stingray. Because we do not paint the
    color on the leather, the holes can not be covered compared to other stingray products.

  4. Question:
    Why does “Stingray Pearls” of normal stingray products usually have white color and
    clear figure like ◊ different from GN stingray products of which Stingray Pearls are
    appeared in round spots with greyish or greenish colors and unclear shape or figure??

    The reason that Stingray Pearl of normal stingray products usually have white color and
    clear figure is because they paint with color on the stingray leather that is why they can
    create exact figure or shape of the Stingray Pearl. But for GN Stingray Products we dye
    the leather and polish, we did not use the painted process. Therefore the shape and
    color of Stingray Pearl on GN products reflect the True Nature of Stingray Leather.